Top 10 Most Beautiful Models of America

The most influential country in the world and famous for other reasons is the United States of America.  Modeling is one of them.  The models of this country are widely known to the world for their beauty and bold personality.  We’ve listed the top 10 American female models here.  Those who always amaze their fans with their fabulous taste in fashion and style.  These 10 listed models are considered the supermodels of America.  This country is lucky enough to have the beauty of the world. You will not find such a beautiful variety anywhere.

10. Kate Upton


Kate is an American model and actress (known for the presence of a number of sports illustrated swimwear).  Kate was born on June 10, 1992, in Michigan (she turned 29 this year).  Kate Upton’s father is Jeff Upton (who was the director of physical education at U.S. High School).  Kate’s height is 5 feet 10 inches.  Her blonde hair and blue eyes make Kate’s beauty more attractive.  He has also earned special respect in the art world.  Kate After shared a photo of the latest hot photoshoot on her Instagram, which was clicked on the beach.